1970 Mercury Cougar XR7 Hard Top

What do you say about a car like this? I mean, really…

You’ve been searching the internet high and low.  Some days you look all day when you’ve got nothing much to do.  Other days it’s on your mind but you’ve no time to look.  While you’re out driving though it’s become a regular thing to look in people’s back yards, driveways, open barns…maybe you’ll see what you are looking for.  Maybe you’ll get lucky one of these days… 

“Eh, I’ll try again.  There’s nothing out there, ever, but I’ll give it a shot.”  you say to yourself.

Then, out of nowhere

A punch in the gut  

You grab your head

You look away, unsure of your own eyes.  But you need to see if it’s real

Yep… it’s still there.  Staring right back at you 


THAT”S what I’ve been looking for!! 

Could it be??



Yes it is” whispers Cool Cat in your ear


So what do you do?

You pick up the phone and call 315.507.1000 and make arrangements to put it in your driveway ASAP!


1970 Mercury Cougar XR7 Hard Top

Dark Ivy Green Exterior

Medium Ivy Green Interior

(( I think the color combination you’ve chosen is spectacular by the way! ))


351 Cleveland runs strong


Magnum 500’s ride on 235/60/15 BF Goodrich Radial TA’s

Cold A/C

All gauges work including the clock!

Paint in excellent condition

The car starts, stops and drives as it should… 

All in all a solid investment sitting in your garage 

Most importantly, a HUGE smile on your face

You found it…


Quick Specs

Detailed Specs

Air ConditioningYup! For those super hot days when you have to get to the cruise in, no matter what
Audio SystemWell, the 70's gave us AM/FM radios. Yup, it's still there with the 8 track player. An Eagles 8 track sits in place buuuutttt I'm not willing to try it. It looks super cool and I don't want to ruin the coolness if it doesn't work. But let's be honest.. who's going to play an 8 track nowadays? I bring a small Bose speaker with me and play my Pandora. Sounds better!
BrakesDisc brakes
Comfort FeaturesA/C!! Need I say more?
Engine351 Cleveland, Automatic, V8
SeatsVinyl in excellent condtion
Tires and RimsMagnum 500's on 235/60/15 BF Goodrich Radial TA's